Dear Colleagues:

We have a real opportunity to make a difference for our junior colleagues who are interested in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Research.

The 15th International Research Training Seminar in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will take place in June 2019.  This is an extraordinary experience for junior colleagues to meet senior investigators and receive high quality training – at no cost for tuition, lodging and food.  You can help your junior colleagues participate by making sure that that this information is broadly distributed to your colleagues and trainees.

Please send this announcement and brochure to all of your colleagues and training programs ASAP.

This extraordinary experience has had a profoundly meaningful on trainees from around the world. Let’s make sure we take advantage of this exceptional opportunity

Scholarships Available for 2019 Child Psychiatry Research Training Seminar in Rome

The 15th International Research Training Seminar in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will take place in Rome from 12-17 May 2019.  The Seminar is for advanced trainees and junior faculty who are committed junior investigators in child and adolescent psychiatry.  A distinguished international faculty will provide didactic, mentoring and “hands on” experience for a select group of junior colleagues in the most commodious setting of Villa Aurelia in Roma, Italy.

Trainees accepted to Seminar will be provided tuition, lodging and meals for a full week in Rome for what has been previously described as “the best experience of my academic life.”  The brochure for the Seminar is enclosed.

The application deadline has been extended to 21 January 2019.

For any questions, please contact,

Fondazione Child


Bennett L. Leventhal, MD


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