International Conference “GAMBLING. More than a New addiction” Rome, October 15 th-16 th 2014


General Information

Official Languages

The official languages of the Conference will be English and Italian

Simultaneous translation will be provided



Venue and Date

The Conference  will take place in Rome, October 15 th -16 th

at E20 EUR

Piazzale degli Archivi, 27 ROME



M. AURIACOMBE (University of Bordeaux)

Non-substance Addictions in DSM5

S. PALLANTI (University of Florence & Sacramento UC Davis Health System)

Behavioural addiction : a disordered choice

E. SACCHETTI (University of Brescia )

Gambling disorder: the epidemiological perspective

H. BOWDEN-JONES (National Problem Gambling Clinic, London)

Working towards a Harm Index in problem gambling

M. POTENZA (University of Yale )

Biological contributions to Gambling Disorder and Clinical implications

Cross-roads between Drug and Gambling Problems:

International Policies from the United Nations Panorama

A. BLASZCZYNSKY ( University of Sidney )

Current treatment interventions for disordered gambling

S. PALLANTI (University of Florence & Sacramento UC Davis Health System)

Mood stabilizer in gambling disorder

P. REMMERS (EASG &  Assissa Consultancy Europe, Amsterdam)

Do we have a common policy or we left in diversity? Policy, CRS and RG in Europe


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