Brixia International Conference – 2016

800X300-TITOLOPXLBrixia International Conference

from 9th to 11th June, in Brescia

Aim of the Congress is to present the most updated research results on the treatment of different psychiatric conditions as schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. Moreover, some specific issues relevant to treatment will be addressed.

Among these, will be analyzed:

  1. the clinical management of treatment-resistant schizophrenia and treatment-resistant depression;
  2. lifestyles and wellness in schizophrenia and mood disorders;
  3. the recognition of pathological outcomes of gaming and other addictive behaviors as well as the biological bases and principles of treatment of pathological gambling;
  4. the issue of personalized treatment in psychiatry, also from the geneticperspective;
  5. the social and economic correlates of suicide in Europe

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